Startups that are currently building products and services on the BNB Chain will also be able to build on Google Cloud’s scalable, secure and open source infrastructure.

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In this way, more than 1,300 active decentralized applications (DApps) based on the BNB Chain from the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), the Metaverse, blockchain games and non-fungible tokens will have access to the tools and infrastructure provided by both platforms.

These projects will also be able to make use of Google Cloud for data encryption and on-demand analysis of on-chain data in real time. A key aspect is providing the platform for developers and projects with access to carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure to scale offerings.

The partnership will also make it easier for specific Web3 builders from the BNB Chain ecosystem to access the Google for Startups Cloud program. This includes projects that have been identified for BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builders (MVB) Accelerator initiative.

The Google for Startups Cloud program awards Google Cloud credits annually for up to 2 years to help early-stage businesses set up and grow their projects.

Web3 builders will be able to connect with members of the Google Cloud Startup Success team and the company’s technical experts in data management, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and zero-trust security. Web3 developer workshops, as well as Google Cloud training and certifications, will also be available to participants.

BNB Chain was created in February 2022 through the merger of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain. The blockchain network is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which allows the development of multi-chain ecosystems.

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