THORSwap – a multichain decentralized exchange aggregator – introduced yesterday Streaming Swaps, a new feature aimed at reducing slippage and getting better price execution for large decentralized finance (DeFi) trades.

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Slippage, the difference between a trade’s expected price and the actual price at which the transaction is executed, typically transpires when volatility is high or market liquidity is low.

Before the introduction of Streaming Swaps, if a crypto user wanted to execute a large trade and achieve lower slippage on THORChain, they would have to manually divide the swap into several smaller transactions, resulting in higher gas fees. With the new feature, large swaps are broken down internally on THORChain, resulting in a single outbound transaction, “allowing for potentially a more favorable average price,” according to a blog post.

Streaming Swaps is aimed at attracting new users, liquidity and volume as “the goal is to outperform centralized exchanges (CEX) in speed, privacy and price execution,” per the blog post.

RUNE, the native token for THORChain has increased almost 1% in the past 24 hours to 93 cents, per CoinGecko. Its total value locked stands at roughly $90 million, data from DefiLlama shows.

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