As horrific mass shootings happen across the country, committed mostly by young men, it is evident that childhood trauma, isolation, and the absence of an involved father each plays a role in fostering such tragedies.

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Fatherhood Resource Hub says that the children of involved dads are 39% more likely to earn A’s in school; 60% less likely to be suspended or expelled; twice as likely to attend college or find stable employment; 75% less likely to have a teen birth; and 80% less likely to spend time in jail.

When fathers play a prominent role with their children, it changes the trajectory of their lives. I know because I was raised without my father present.

Fatherhood is that fathers affirm, provide and protect. A good work ethic is just one of the attributes a good dad instills in his children.

When fathers aren’t present for their children, we wind up with youth who have no regard for the law, leading to mass shootings and more senseless suffering. My heart hurts for the families who have lost loved ones due to shooters who have no regard for life.

Heritage Foundation research shows that “routine family bonding activities like reading bedtime stories and eating meals together have a profound effect on children’s educational development and psychological well-being.” A common denominator in the lives of mass shooters is that they’ve had some sort of psychological breakdown in the days leading up to the shootings.  

Fathers, we can play a role in stopping this.

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