004 – When thinking about exchange houses in Venezuela, the first thing that comes to mind is the name of one of the most consolidated companies in the country within this area, Italcambio, exchange house.

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Italcambio has had great growth and expansion, managing to have a presence in the main cities of the country over the years. It was founded in 1948 and opened its doors to the public that was looking for, and continues to look for, options within the good performance of their financial processes; and that over the years it becomes the most important and recognized in all of Venezuela, and internationally.


Committed to all its clients, it has been credited with recognition for the good service and special attention it provides to all its clients, understanding that they are the most important thing and always placing them at the center of its activities. The basic processes that are associated with the services offered by Italcambio Casa de Cambio are the following:

-Purchase and Sale of Dollars and other Currencies.

-Purchase of Checks in Foreign Currency.

-Sale of Checks in Dollars.

-Buy and Sell Transfers.

-Sending and Receipts of Electronic Money (National and International).

-Purchase of Travelers Checks.

Italcambio, is the only exchange house in Venezuela, which has the ISO 9001 – 2015 quality management system certification, which guarantees safety and quality in all its services and processes, as well as the attention that customers receive.

Within its latest updates, the company has developed a reliable technological platform for customers to register ONLINE and receive quickly and comfortably all the personalized information for sending money remittances: Italcambio On Line Service, which will allow customers from the exchange house to carry out financial operations more easily.

To carry out transactions, the organization explained that the platform offers:

– Reception and sending of instant remittances from anywhere in the world.

– Pay natural and legal persons immediately.

– Exchange operations of financial instruments in currency.

– Pay for your operations with technological alternatives.

– Security with end-to-end encrypted technology.

Users have the possibility to download the app for Android and Apple iOS devices, according to the organization on its official website. Registration in the application only requires an email and phone number.

The main vision of Italcambio, exchange house remains the same, to position itself as the most prestigious and recognized service organization in foreign exchange operations, tourist services, travel and event organization, within the country and worldwide for its excellent quality and good service. that they offer to their customers. This has been achieved and continues to be achieved despite the great technological changes of recent times, which have rather been a reason to evolve and adapt to new times.

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