030 – Minima, the most decentralized blockchain arrived in the crypto world to stay and make a difference. “After years of development, we are excited to offer this opportunity for the world to join us on the journey of genuine decentralization,” said Hugo Feiler, CEO and co-founder of Minima.

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Mínima is here to stay


Minima is leading the way in blockchain decentralization, with full build and validation nodes running on mobile and IoT devices, dispersed around the world.

Its network has no centralizing elements, such as miners or external validators, and is completely managed by its community.

Our testnet phase has attracted hundreds of thousands of community members to run full nodes and, as we announce a wide range of global partnerships over the next year, Minima’s potential will accelerate towards mass adoption.

Minima achieves complete decentralization to ensure security and scalability, and deliver on the true promise of the Blockchain. Minima has created a next-generation blockchain platform that is a fully decentralized mobile-first protocol for blockchain transactions. By creating a network that is owned, managed and secured by its users, the platform that allows users to be completely autonomous, while ensuring they remain fully accountable. Minima with international companies to develop solutions for digital identity management, tokenization.


Minima is partnering with international companies to develop solutions for digital identity management, tokenization, messaging and payments in the automotive, media and IoT industries.

It has also been revealed that Blockchain and IoT connectivity leaders Minima and Stacuity are teaming up to revolutionize IoT deployments across multiple industries. The partnership will integrate Minima’s decentralized blockchain capabilities with Stacuity’s programmable mobile core network and SIM cards, providing an exciting set of tools for IoT customers.

This collaboration between Minima and stacuity is set to democratize access to mobile connectivity by combining their powerful and complementary technology, making it easier for telecom operators, service providers and IoT solution developers to innovate at the intersection of blockchain and IoT.

The partnership will provide IoT customers with the tools they need to enhance their IoT installations in numerous industries, including smart buildings, energy, automotive, healthcare, logistics and water.

By combining the strengths of their respective networks, Minima and stacuity are opening up new possibilities for IoT connectivity, security, identity and decentralization.

We are excited to partner with stacuity to offer a powerful set of tools for industrial IoT installations in a secure and decentralized manner,” said Hugo Feiler, CEO of Minima.

By integrating Minima’s blockchain technology with stacuity’s programmable mobile core network, we can offer telecom operators secure data management and users a simple SIM-based product.

This partnership has the potential to democratize access to two powerful and complementary sets of technology,” says Mike Bromwich, stacuity founder and telecom industry veteran. “We are excited about this partnership to accelerate innovation in the IoT market and provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed in the IoT industry.

Working together, the two companies have the potential to change the way IoT devices are connected and managed, enabling IoT customers to innovate more easily and quickly.

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