Polygon, a leading Ethereum scaling team, plans to unify its PoS sidechain and zkEVM Layer 2 as part of its Polygon 2.0 overhaul.

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Unifying the two blockchains would create the third-largest Layer 2 network with nearly $1B in total value locked. While the PoS Chain hosts the lion’s share of Polygon TVL, zkEVM offers improved performance and security guarantees over its older sibling.

“In Polygon 2.0, users on both chains would be able to interact and transact seamlessly, securely, and without bridging back to Ethereum,” Polygon said in an announcement.

Polygon’s MATIC token is down by around 30% in the past month, with the majority of losses coming after the SEC claimed the digital asset is an unregistered security.

take from: https://thedefiant.io/

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