ZUG, Switzerland, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Almost exactly five years after the first block was mined, the Quantum Resistant Ledger, the world’s first enterprise-grade blockchain and post-quantum secure cryptocurrency, is now available to blockchain enthusiasts.

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The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) on MEXC is the first offering of a post-quantum secure cryptocurrency that is backed by recommended NIST/NSA post-quantum cryptography.

MEXC is a secure, reliable digital asset exchange founded in 2018. The QRL is now available on MEXC, which serves more than 10 million users, both new traders and seasoned investors, in over 170 countries and regions.

As awareness grows of the quantum computing threat, demand for quantum-resistant blockchains will soar. As a pioneer in this highly technical and specialized space, QRL is at the forefront of all research where blockchain technology and cryptography intersect – and is positioned to capture that demand.

The QRL’s signature scheme, XMSS, is protected from the fundamental and functionally unfixable security flaws of traditional coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“There are known attacks that can cause traditional coins to go to zero, and this will happen just as soon as a quantum computer of sufficient size is brought online, approximately three to five years from today,” says Mike Zeiger of the Quantum Resistance Corporation, which works to support the QRL community of builders and raise awareness of the quantum computing threat. “The QRL does not face that existential threat as it is the world’s only innate and permanent post-quantum secure cryptocurrency and store of value.”

QRL is now accessible to anyone who can utilize the MEXC exchange. It is the secure, long-term alternative to Bitcoin’s quantum-computing risk.

Explore cryptocurrency without quantum risk and the only blockchain build for security at theQRL.org.

SOURCE The Quantum Resistance Corporation

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