World Mobile, a decentralized wireless network operator, has obtained up to 20MHz spectrum in California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah.

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World Mobile secures licensed spectrum

World Mobile has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to provide reliable and affordable internet access by securing licensed spectrum and obtaining up to 20MHz in California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah of the United States, paving the way for its expansion plans into the country. 

The development aligns perfectly with the United States government’s efforts to promote connectivity nationwide. The president of the United States, President Biden, recently announced a $42 billion high-speed internet initiative focused on providing access to broadband services in rural and low-income areas to enhance competition and affordability in the space. 

The Commerce Department has already begun distributing the Internet initiative funding through grants at the state level, ranging from millions to billions of dollars per local requirement.

As a step forward, World Mobile plans to launch its services in the United States later this year, following successful field tests and commercial launches in African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and Mozambique. 

The leadership team would include Manoj Kohli, bringing over 40 years of telecom experience. Kohli was previously the Softbank India country head, managing director, and CEO of Bharti Airtel, where he headed the International operations.

World Mobile is bridging the digital divide

World Mobile is a blockchain-based project incentivizing individuals and businesses to participate in a sharing economy, leveraging the trillion-dollar telecom Industry. The project allows participants to operate nodes on the World Mobile network, enabling their communities to come online while earning revenue.

The project was founded with the vision of connecting everyone, everywhere, while advocating for economic freedom and dignity, and the spectrum license would be instrumental in implementing this vision.

he platform’s decentralized hybrid-connectivity solution ensures cost-effective interactions by combining blockchain technology with aerial and terrestrial infrastructure. Using traditional mobile network operators helps enable connectivity at a fraction of the cost incurred.

In a comment about the development, the CEO of World Mobile, Micky Watkins, said:

 “By securing licensed spectrum, we are signaling our intent to revolutionize the connectivity landscape in the United States. Securing spectrum strengthens our position to deploy our network and support a profitable sharing economy. We believe in harnessing the collective power of individuals and communities to create a more inclusive and connected world.”

With its commitment to developing underserved areas and the support of licensed spectrum, World Mobile is poised to bridge the digital divide significantly.

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