003 – It is not a secret to anyone how vulnerable the personal data of users in the digital world has been in recent years. Previously agreed privacy agreements between user and host have been violated, resulting in aggressive data collection for marketing purposes, endangering consumer privacy rights and triggering deep mistrust in the application of technology .

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By monetizing user data, tech companies have abandoned their innovative purpose to focus on a more profitable but misleading data collection scheme that only exploits the consumer.

Companies are investing in more efficient artificial intelligence programs to collect user data even beyond our phones and computers. All devices connected to a network are now a responsibility for the consumer and an opportunity for a company to expand its database. Even once-mundane household tools like air conditioners, thermostats, and security cameras are now tools for businesses to fulfill their goal of creating consumer profiles.

XATOXI, founded in 2010, was born with a simple concept; offer a private ecosystem with total privacy and transparency. Its main idea is to protect people’s data, not to collect it. They offer a diverse portfolio of services and allow the user to make a personalized selection according to their interest. His belief is to empower the user by giving him the option to customize the platform according to the services he uses, the information he wants to share and the intermediaries he chooses.

At Xatoxi, the purpose is to give users full authority and control over their data. Letting people decide what information they access, by whom and until when. They focus on offering competitive and innovative services within a secure ecosystem.

Their philosophy focuses on what they can provide to the user, not what the user can provide to them. Fortunately, in Xatoxi there is a Blockchain, Quantum Encryption and in an era of expanded Internet access it has made this idea viable and feasible.

Some of the services offered by Xatoxi are:

DIGITAL FINANCE & CRYPTO – A multi-signature automated transaction system that makes your peer-to-peer payment system completely flexible and easy to use.

CLASSIC FINANCE & REMITTANCES: A conglomeration of service providers from around the world on a private network, powered exclusively by Xatoxi technology.

QUANTUM RESISTANT BLOCKCHAIN: Its proprietary technology offers clients secure entry into a portfolio of financial services where transparency, time, and privacy are intertwined in the user experience. Inspired by Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL)

MULTI-SIGN TRANSACTIONS: By using an automated multi-signature feature, we intentionally minimize the human intervention required in each transaction. All human interaction is monitored and timed, to ensure that even the slightest human involvement doesn’t slow down our technology.

Among other services.

The Xatoxi team is specialized in low level languages, to maximize memory and CPU. Its platform can run on all kinds of phones, even affordable options, while maintaining strong encryption and low battery consumption. The code is 100% made by them and the launch of its first version, in April 2021, for financial microservices provided a positive test with 15,000 users and more than 10,000 financial microtransactions.

Now they are ready to launch the full platform and introduce the world to the future of privacy.

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