016 – XATOXI, was founded in 2010 as a simple concept: to offer a private ecosystem with total privacy, security and transparency. Committed to protecting people’s data, simply by not collecting it.

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It offers a diverse portfolio of services and allows the user to make a customized selection according to their interest.

It eradicates the idea of a “one size fits all” platform, because it believes in empowering the user by giving them the option to customize the platform according to the services they use, the information they want to share and the intermediaries they choose.

Xatoxi focuses on giving users full authority and control over their data. They let people decide what information can be accessed, by whom and until when. By shifting control of data to the owner rather than the collector, they remove the probability of data and focus on delivering competitive and innovative services within a secure ecosystem.

They work with an important portfolio of suppliers for different countries, such as:

  • Money Gram
  • Caribe Express
  • Continental
  • Italtransfer
  • Jet Peru
  • Teledolar
  • Money Exchange, among others; where they focus on remittance services, transfers and classic operations for all of Latin America through this broad network of service providers.

Their implementation of Quantum Resistan blockchain dramatically increases the security of their platform, while reducing transactional fees and processing time. Their main objective is to extend existing classic services and improve the efficiency of moving assets from point A to point B, while complying with each end user’s governance and regulations. This will increase value and maximize the purchasing power of clients, especially those surviving a humanitarian crisis.

Thanks to the advanced technology of its wallet, users will be able to participate in the DEX or OTC markets. They will have access to a secure messenger to communicate directly with their counterparties to negotiate terms, prices and quantities. The long-term intention is to connect all tokens and currencies, but primarily to support quantum-resistant technologies that are poised to survive the coming quantum era.

High standards and many prerequisites will be imposed for coins to qualify to be on our platform to ensure a curated cryptocurrency wallet on the XATOXI platform.

They support the legitimate and transparent side of cryptocurrency. And they will ensure that all users pass a full verification process before giving them access to the platform.

The verification process will be centralized, so verified users will have the opportunity to use any service offered through the platform without any additional paperwork or verification. By centralizing the verification process, all Xatoxi users will be guaranteed eligibility to use all services of all its partner institutions. One verification for all.

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